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Critical Illness Cover

Our Critical Illness Cover

  • Benefiit from fiinancial protection to cover major expenses

  • Choose your preferred type of critical illness cover

  • Receive a tax-free lump sum after diagnosis of a serious illness

  • Take advantage of a tailored service for your critical illness policy

Find the Most
Suitable Cover.

Critical illness coverage is specifically crafted to offer financial assistance and alleviate financial concerns precisely when your focus should be on your health. This financial support can address everyday expenses, but it can also be used for medical treatment, home modifications to meet your medical needs, or to enable your loved ones to take time off work to care for you. Critical illness coverage steps in when you are diagnosed with a predefined severe illness, with the main conditions typically being cancer, heart attack, and stroke, although there are numerous others.

Moreover, many policies extend their coverage to include children, ensuring that if your child receives a severe illness diagnosis, a lump sum is provided to aid with treatment or support the family during this challenging period. It's important to note that coverage varies significantly among insurance providers, so when selecting your coverage, remember that the cheapest option isn't necessarily the best value. Your advisor is equipped to help you pinpoint the most suitable coverage for your particular circumstances.

Is critical illness coverage right for me?

Critical illness coverage should be a consideration if:

  • You lack alternative coverage or substantial savings to provide financial assistance in the event of a severe illness.

  • You have financial responsibilities such as a mortgage or other personal debts that you would still need to meet if you were to fall seriously ill.

  • You have dependent children and seek financial support in the event of their severe illness.

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