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Life Cover

Our Life Insurance

  • Give your loved ones fiinancial security when they need it the most

  • Choose the type of life insurance that best fiits your needs

  • Have peace of mind that your mortgage can be repaid if you pass away

  • Benefiit from expert guidance to help tailor-make your life insurance policy



This insurance offers a tax-free pay-out, available in either a lump sum or as periodic income, in the event of your passing. Its primary purpose is to provide fiinancial support to your dependents or to settle outstanding debts on your estate.


The most budget-friendly coverage option falls under the category of 'term assurance' policies. You have the flexibility to select the coverage duration, aligning it with significant life events like your children reaching fiinancial independence or matching it with your mortgage term to guarantee mortgage repayment.


Mortgage Protection policies are tailored to match your mortgage loan balance and will provide a lump sum for clearing the outstanding mortgage debt upon your demise. For expert advice on selecting the optimal coverage for your specific circumstances, turn to Prestige Private Finance.

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