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Income Protection

Our Income Protection

  • Receive a regular income to replace a loss of earnings

  • Select your preferred type and level of income protection cover

  • Make multiple claims during the policy term if need be

  • Benefit from a fiinancial safety net with your bespoke income protection policy

Cover Tailored to 



When assessing your assets, do you ever contemplate your income as a valuable asset?


Undoubtedly, your capacity to work, and thus earn your income, is your most significant resource. What would you do if your income stream ceased due to illness or injury?

Income protection effectively functions as your personal safety net for sick days. In the event of illness or injury rendering you unable to work, it provides a consistent monthly benefit to help you meet financial obligations and maintain your lifestyle.

This insurance encompasses both physical and mental ailments, as well as injuries that hinder your ability to work and generate income. You have the flexibility to determine how soon after your incapacity to work you want the benefit payments to commence, and these payments will continue until you can resume work or until the conclusion of your chosen claims period. It caters to various employment statuses, including employees, self-employed individuals, contract workers, freelancers, and business owners.


Numerous options are available to fine-tune the coverage to suit your unique circumstances.


Is income protection right for me?

You should contemplate income protection if:

  • You have financial commitments such as a mortgage, rent, or living expenses that you'd still need to manage if illness or injury prevents you from working.

  • You lack sick pay benefits through your job and lack adequate financial resources as a fallback.

  • Your workplace sick pay is limited, and you wish to ensure coverage for instances where your illness or injury extends beyond the duration of your sick pay.

  • You prefer not to rely on state benefits, such as Universal Credit, in the event of illness or injury.

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