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Case Study Four

These case studies represent real customer scenarios that we have dealt with previously. They are presented for guidance only and advice will be given in respect of your own, personal circumstances.


Client Profile 

Client who went Self Employed just before Covid and found themselves in a situation that resulted in adverse credit.

Age: 47 

Occupation: Medical Services and Testing 

Location: Southfields, London

Financial Situation 

The client had a difficult time during Covid, resulting in bad credit.

The Challeng

Many lenders said no because of the client's credit report. Additionally, they wanted to buy a studio of which many of the lenders for adverse credit would not lend on. The client had worked previously with other brokers who had claimed to be specialists in adverse lending. Unfortunately, this only resulted in them losing a large sum of money in fees, wasted time in negotiations, and ultimately, being told that the lenders could not help. 

Our Solution 

Firstly, we needed to obtain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the client’s needs as well as a thorough understanding of their credit report to be able to find the lenders who would possibly take on the case. Our strong relationships with specialist lenders and the ability to look at over 70 options meant that we could find a suitable solution.

Results Achieved 

We were able to find a lender at a much better rate than the client had been quoted before. Additionally, they agreed to lend on the property as well as be ok with the adverse credit report. Our extensive

experience and knowledge in helping clients with adverse credit helped this buyer become a homeowner.


Why Choose Prestige Private Finance?  

We provide a comprehensive deep dive into what is needed with a full understanding of all the issues involved, resulting in a bespoke solution tailored to you. 


Are you facing a similar mortgage challenge? Contact us today for a personalised solution that prioritises your financial wellbeing. 

"I am over the moon that Gary was able to solve my issues in a fraction of the time it took with the other brokerages. As well as keeping me updated throughout the entire process. I am so pleased with the deal we secured."

November 2023

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