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Case Study Five

These case studies represent real customer scenarios that we have dealt with previously. They are presented for guidance only and advice will be given in respect of your own, personal circumstances.


Client Profile 

Client who was a West End Actor, Self Employed and a First-Time Buyer.

Age: 40 

Occupation: West End Actor 

Location: Greenwich, London

Financial Situation 

The client, a seasoned West End actor, experienced irregular income due to the nature of the entertainment industry. Despite a successful career, securing a mortgage became challenging as traditional lenders struggled to assess the actor's income stability, leading to roadblocks in the property purchase process.

The Challeng

With an unpredictable income stream from acting contracts, the client faced difficulties in convincing traditional mortgage lenders of their financial stability. Other brokers were unable to find a solution that accommodated the irregular nature of the actor's earnings, and the client's dream of owning a home in a desirable West End location seemed uncertain.

Our Solution 

Prestige Private Finance recognised the unique challenges faced by the West End actor and devised a tailored solution to address their irregular income. Leveraging our expertise in working with clients in the entertainment industry, we collaborated closely with the client to understand the nuances of their income and career trajectory.

To address the irregular income challenge, we engaged with our network of lenders who were familiar with the entertainment industry's financial dynamics. We presented a comprehensive financial profile that showcased the actor's long-term success, future earning potential, and commitment to their craft. This approach allowed us to secure mortgage terms that aligned with the client's unique income patterns.

Results Achieved 

As a result of our tailored approach, the West End actor successfully obtained a mortgage for their desired property in a prime London location. The financing terms were structured to accommodate the irregular income associated with acting contracts, providing the client with the flexibility needed to navigate the property market confidently.

Why Choose Prestige Private Finance?  

We provide a comprehensive deep dive into what is needed with a full understanding of all the issues involved, resulting in a bespoke solution tailored to you. 


Are you facing a similar mortgage challenge? Contact us today for a personalised solution that prioritises your financial wellbeing. 

"I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jonathan at Prestige Private Finance for their unwavering support in helping me secure a mortgage. As a West End actor with irregular income, I faced significant challenges, but Jonathan understood the intricacies of my profession and worked tirelessly to find a solution. Thanks to him, I now own a home in London, which I never thought was possible."

November 2023

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