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Corporate Financial Wellbeing

Investing in People

Partner with Prestige Private Finance to enhance your employee fiinancial wellbeing package.


We are committed to improving their fiinancial wellbeing through comprehensive educational briefiings and bespoke mortgage surgeries tailored to their individual needs. 


By empowering your employees with the knowledge and tools to make informed mortgage decisions, you will be positively contributing to their fiinancial stability and overall wellbeing. 


Our commitment is to provide exceptional advice, guidance and support whether your employee is a fiirst-time buyer, planning a house move, or considering investments in the vibrant London market or beyond. 

  • 60% of employees say fiinancial matters are their number one source of stress.*

  • When employees are fiinancially stressed, they’re 2.2 times more likely to leave.*

  • Financial concerns make employees 4 times more likely to be clinically depressed.*

*PWC financial wellness survey 2023


Employee financial wellness positively impacts productivity, retention, and engagement.*


When it comes to providing mortgage-related services our pricing options offer two distinct choices, Green and Gold, to cater to your
business' unique needs.

We used Prestige Private Finance to run a day's briefing and mortgage surgery as part of a Financial Wellness initiative. The were engaging, professional and added another layer of support to my team's struggles during the current economic challenges. I would 100% recommend them if you're looking to improve your staff retention and improve their financial wellbeing.

Clive Lafferty, Founder of Tandem Consult Ltd



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