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Case Study One

These case studies represent real customer scenarios that we have dealt with previously. They are presented for guidance only and advice will be given in respect of your own, personal circumstances.


Client Profile


First-Time Buyer, Contractor and Adverse Credit 

Age: 34 

Occupation: Digital Marketing, Contractor 

Location: Clapham, London 

Financial Situation 

First-Time Buyer, 10% deposit and Adverse Credit. 

The Challeng

The difficulty was finding a lender for this client as they had inadvertently missed several payments on a parking fine a couple of years ago because they worked abroad and had not been notified of the fine.  It was still showing on their credit file, and they had been declined borrowing with 3 lenders before coming to Prestige Private Finance. They were also a Contractor, so finding a solution was limited by their income stream. 

Our Solution 

By taking time to understand what the circumstances were, and knowing lenders who are more lenient on adverse credit, we were able to secure them borrowing with a specialist lender who offered favourable rates. We also were able to access preferential rates with this particular lender and pass them on to the client. Moreover, understanding how contractors get paid and the complexities surrounding their income meant that we could go straight to the lenders who accept this type of income. 

Results Achieved 

The client received a successful mortgage offer within 8 working days at a rate which was more competitive than what they were quoted with other brokers. The positive relationship we have with this lender and their underwriting team meant that we could gauge the appetite for this case before we even submitted it.   


Why Choose Prestige Private Finance?  

We have a deep understanding of what lenders look for and how their criteria differ from case to case. The complexities in this case made it challenging, but with our extensive experience in the mortgage world meant that we were able to advise the client in the best possible way and achieve a successful outcome where other brokers failed.  


Are you facing a similar mortgage challenge? Contact us today for a personalised solution that prioritises your financial wellbeing. 

"As a contractor also it was not easy finding a good deal with a lender, but Jonathan was able to find a great deal considering today's market conditions. All in all, I don't think I could have done it without him, and I couldn't recommend him more highly to anyone trying to purchase a property."

August 2023

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