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Residential Houses


Case Study Two

These case studies represent real customer scenarios that we have dealt with previously. They are presented for guidance only and advice will be given in respect of your own, personal circumstances.


Client Profile 

International Client, Non-UK National, High Income

Age: 49 

Occupation: Senior Vice President

Location: Dubai

Financial Situation 

High income paid in Dirhams (circa £278k), various investments and stock options available to use towards deposit. No income history in the UK, so all funds have been earnt overseas.

The Challeng

The client was looking to purchase a residential property in London, primarily for the use of his daughter, who is in the UK at University, before starting a new role in London post-graduation. He also wanted to be able to use the property as/when he was in the UK for business. Our client was not familiar with the buying process in the UK, and was having difficulty understanding his eligibility for a mortgage as an overseas and Non-UK national.

Our Solution 

At a very early stage and having made investigations based on his personal circumstances, we explained the lending options available to the client, based on his applicant profile and the desired use of the property. In doing so we made him aware of the qualification requirements, in terms of deposit levels and income and the products available at the time. From here, we explained the buying process in the UK, the prudent steps he would need to take to ensure he has had his lending options validated, and how he can demonstrate himself proceedable to Estate Agents.

Results Achieved 

The client found a property and after discussing the product available, he proceeded to make an offer which was accepted. The application was submitted and successfully underwritten and the case has proceeded to offer.


Why Choose Prestige Private Finance?  

We provide expert knowledge to complex mortgage needs, meaning we are able to support and guide clients through the purchase process, even when complications arise.


Are you facing a similar mortgage challenge? Contact us today for a personalised solution that prioritises your financial wellbeing. 

"During the entire process Ed was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and thorough when detailing the options available to us.


Ed communicated with others on our behalf, and proactively communicated with us to update on the progress being made. Proactive, easy to work with and very helpful... many thanks."

September 2023

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